Monday, August 8, 2016

The Short Stack: July


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I’m an avid reader. Even when I’ve read a few hundred pages for classes or just finished a paper, I will find time to read because it’s a huge part of what keeps me sane. I also try to read a little bit of everything. So as I make my way through my minor hoarding problem (half a bookshelf and a full Kindle of things I eventually intend to read), I hope that you find something you’d like to read, too. I’d say it’s because misery loves company, but really, what’s miserable about voluntarily having too many books to read?
The Short Stack is a list of my favorite reads for the month. I won’t be sharing every book I read because sometimes it’s a ton and some of them just don’t deserve the publicity. Here are my top picks for July.

1.  The Harry Potter  series by J.K. Rowling

I spent the back half of July rereading these and I must say that they continue to be worth the read. I’m not a big fan of rereading anymore, but I decided that it had been long enough to give it a go in honor of the newest title (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). It wasn’t the same as those first barely-coherent-but-pushing-through-it-anyway midnight release reads, but it was still a great series.

2.  The House at the Edge of Night  by Catherine Banner

I have so much love for this book that I hope you’ll give it a shot. If you’re looking to be transported out of Texas for this last bit of summer, try it. This story takes place on the island of Castellamare in Italy and spans four generations of Espositos. Originally a doctor, Amedeo Esposito must find a new position when gossip forces him out of his position and he buys the titular pub, the House at the Edge of Night. Running it becomes the family business as each generation faces new trials in addition to the same long-running piece of gossip that has always plagued them. It is a slow burn, but it is worth picking up.

3.  The Hopefuls  by Jennifer Close

Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to get away from election season (or years), but imagine if you were a candidate, their family, or part of their campaign right now. That’s the story of The Hopefuls. Beth’s husband Matt Kelly works in the White House and meets Jimmy and Ash Dillon, another aspiring politician and his wife. When Jimmy gets tapped to run for railroad commissioner in Texas, he invites the Kellys to move into his home in Sugarland and Matt to run his campaign. Late nights and long campaign road trips drive everyone to their breaking point and it is hard to resist finishing this novel.

4.  Nailbiter  by Joshua Williamson

Nailbiter is a graphic horror series with four volumes out now. It’s the story of a small town called Buckaroo that has somehow been the home of over a dozen serial killers. One of the most recent was nicknamed Nailbiter because he killed people just to bite their nails. As the story evolves, it becomes more about the mystery of why this town creates serial killers. It’s definitely gruesome at points, but if you watch The Walking Dead or read the comics, then you will absolutely be fine.

That’s my Short Stack for the month! Check them out and look out in September for some new recommendations. Until then, you can find me on Goodreads or even in the hallways. Say hi!


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