Saturday, January 6, 2018

December Books, or Last Year's Reads


In December, I made a horrible mistake. Twice.

I started reading two series and now I have to wait months for their final books.

Basically, this is your warning. If you start either of these series now, you will be waiting months for the conclusions and join me in my sweet misery.

Turn back now (but I included the release dates in case you want to decide for yourself).

1. Misfit City, Volume 1 by Kirsten Smith, Kurt Lustgarten and Naomi Franquiz
If you've ever thought that The Goonies could be improved if it starred females, then go directly to your local bookstore and buy this. If you wish Lumberjanes were more grounded in real life, but still had adventures? Get this. Because this, my friends, is basically if the Lumberjanes starred in The Goonies. It's great. A group of female friends live in a tiny town that relies on tourism from its days as a cult-favorite film set. The town museum, where one of the girls works, has film props and everyone knows the directions to the filming locations by heart. An older member of the community dies and leaves the museum a chest that contains part of Black Mary's treasure map. When the ladies end up with the map, they also end up with a target on their back and a mystery to solve. I can't wait for the second volume of this, but it's also the last volume. Ugh. Second volume releases in May.

2/3. A Shadow Bright and Burning AND A Poison Dark and Drowning by Jessica Cluess
Only men can be sorcerers in this Victorian-set historical fantasy novel, but that doesn't mean that women don't have magical powers. The sorcerers have burned all the witches, allegedly, but one female sorcerer of sorcerer heritage is prophesied to end the reign of terror that has besieged England. Seven Ancients have attacked the cities and the surrounding water for over a decade and no one has been able to stop them. So the sorcerers search and might have found their hero in Henrietta Howel, an orphaned girl who can light herself on fire like a human torch. She must learn to wield her magic in order to save herself, her friends and her country, but she's not even sure that she's the right woman for the job. A Sorrow Fierce and Falling comes out this fall TBA. 

In other news, I am only six days into my #readmyowndamnbooks challenge and I have purchased more books that I've read! But on the plus side, I already finished one nonfiction title. Book resolutions are a mixed bag, y'all. Find out more about how all that's working out next month!


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